Marta Kloučková Jazz Project

Jazz & Soul / Standards & Original Compositions

“Seen her performing, one wouldn’t tell that the singer Marta Kloučková is quite a new face on the Czech jazz scene. Lightness of phrasing, energy, unique personality and warm, dark-tinged vocal make her performances very special. Her intimate approach to singing brings joy and melancholy, stirs up and soothes again. Accompanied by young and talented musicians, the whole performance is something, you don`t want to miss.”

Marta Kloučková


Miloš Klápště


Marek Antoňů


Rosario Giuliani Quintet – Inner Urge

Inner Urge by Joe Henderson: Rosario Giuliani – sax, Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Enrico Mianulli – double bass, Dario Panza – drums, Notte Bianca in Bagnoregio 3.8.2013

Justin Echols Quartet – My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart by Victor Young & Ned Washington: Justin Echols – voice, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Lukáš Kytnar – double-bass, Tomáš Hobzek – drums, Městské divadlo Kolín 24.1.2012

“Tribute to Duke” (IT/USA/SK) – Caravan

Caravan by Juan Tizol: Rosario Giuliani – sax, Aldo Bassi – trumpet, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Lorenzo Jose Buffa – double bass, Justin Faulkner – drums, Piazza Biondini di Bagnoregio (VT) 1.8.2013

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