Jazz Piano Lessons

Teaching jazz piano is my passion. I love to teach. You can join my jazz piano lessons, if you are interested in improving some of these areas of your musical education:

For all instruments (incl. piano) and voice

music theory


basic jazz harmony

advanced jazz harmony


ensemble experience

rehearsal techniques

Berklee Harmony

Barry Harris Harmonic Method

For pianists

chord shapes

shell voicings


block chords

advanced harmonic concepts (upper structure, poly-chordal harmony)



Rates are 35EUR per 45 minutes. Payment can be made with Pay Pal or Revolut. Cancellations require 24-hour notice. Otherwise, the lesson will be charged for.

Online Lessons

If you live far from Prague, you can enjoy jazz piano lesson online through: Skype or Google Hangouts

What do you need to have before we start?

Webcam, microphone, good internet connection and Pay-Pal account to be able to send the payment.

Rosario Giuliani Quintet – Inner Urge

Inner Urge by Joe Henderson: Rosario Giuliani – sax, Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Enrico Mianulli – double bass, Dario Panza – drums, Notte Bianca in Bagnoregio 3.8.2013

Justin Echols Quartet – My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart by Victor Young & Ned Washington: Justin Echols – voice, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Lukáš Kytnar – double-bass, Tomáš Hobzek – drums, Městské divadlo Kolín 24.1.2012

“Tribute to Duke” (IT/USA/SK) – Caravan

Caravan by Juan Tizol: Rosario Giuliani – sax, Aldo Bassi – trumpet, Tomas Jochmann – piano, Lorenzo Jose Buffa – double bass, Justin Faulkner – drums, Piazza Biondini di Bagnoregio (VT) 1.8.2013

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